Freyja – Brísingamen – Hildisvíni

Freyja is the space-time foam bubbles breaking loose to become universes.
No small thing.
No wonder she cannot be banned or even subdued or manipulated.

Freyja and Brisingamen
Freyja and Brisingamen

Mankind is Brísingamen, for which Freyja cares. We should not ever undermine her powerful love and care.
Afrodita and Venus also emerge from the Great Waters as the space-time foam.

Freyja space-time foam
Freyja space-time foam

Freyja‘s feather-guise – fjaðurhamur – comes in handy for us in times of need.
New theory by Guðrún: Freyja’s shield Hildisvíni is most likely the mother’s uterus protecting us while we still are in mother’s womb.

shield Hildisvini uterus
shield Hildisvini


Listen to pronunciation Freyja, Brísingamen, Hildisvíni

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