Þursamegir iii

Sattva Rajas Tamah, triguna
Sattva Rajas Tamah, triguna

3 qualities of All-Mighty Mother Nature  –  the rulers of the world.
Þursamegir III - triguna of Nature
Þursamegir III, the 3 thurs-macs (-sons) show up
when the gods are, happy go happy, arranging the flawless Laws of Nature in the universe.

Here the trouble of life begins:
Tefla í túni teitir eru  – unz kómu …..
(Gods happily play in tún /dynamism –  until came….    that drastic moment of þursamegir III showing up on the stage:  Almighty Mother Nature)

Ámáttk mjög (very powerful, all-mighty) Mother Nature.

Just see how all is perfect – the gods alone in the perfection –  until the turbulent bossy feminine power appears.
And Her powerful sons, macs, are the rulers of the world.

This men do not know  –  and therefore know not the importance of taking a break from them.

We have not yet grasped the source of the trouble, nor how to slip away from it – but Óðsmál teaches us.

They 3 are the 3 qualities of Mother Nature, triguna, satogun rajogun tamogun.
(guna means quality)

We shall take a break from them twice-daily all our life.
That we do by nýsa niður (transcend), slip away from the sphere of thought, time and space.  Transcend Mother Nature.

The only way to evolve spiritually is to be born and live in a body. This implies the dance with þursamegir iii.
We should know them to be the performers of action in the world, and seriously: the rulers of the world.
But that does not mean we can blame them for all our flaws.
We are all-responsible ourselves for all our actions, thoughts, and all behaviour.

Do not confuse Þursamegir, the sons, macs, with þursameyjar III, the þursmaidens.

þursameyjar iii
þursameyjar iii

Skaði Þjazadóttir, Gerður Gymisdóttir, Gunnlöð Suttungsdóttir, more evolved than their fathers.

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