Dá – Dvína – Dhyana


Our body is made of Gungnir,
Gungnir is fleeting vibrations,
so we can easily think out of the box
and be our pure consciousness.

Body is Gungnir - penetrable
Body is Gungnir – penetrable

(pronounce dau), and dvína, to fade and stop thinking, is dhyaana, when mind fades into eternity for divine refreshment and harmonizing nurturing.

Our body is of flickering, easily penetrable Gungnir. Mind easily forgets its bonds to it when attention is on something more and more blissful:  our pure consciousness.

By transcending, we bring back to our body: health, correlation, well-being, and our eternal bliss.

During nýsa niður (transcending) our ego, our individual consciousness, expands to infinity, Glaðheimar (the widest and gladdest of realms), our pure consciousness.

how to type  ý   Alt0253
how to type á  :  Alt0225   á is pronounced: au (German au)
how to type í  Alt0237
how to type ð   Alt0240


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