Sanskrit and Old Norse Icelandic

Sanskrit and Old Norse Icelandic

our spiritual treasure is more profound than we have been taught hitherto.
Numerous terms and names in Norse Edda myths and poems are derived directly from Sanskrit.

Síðhöttur, name of Óðinn is said to mean: He who wears a white-brimmed hat, síður hattur.
According to etymology, it is derived from Siddhartha, meaning he whoo has perfection as a goal. Siddhi perfection, artha goal.


Name of Óðinn, Gangleri, meaning the walking one. According to etymology: a wave of wisdom from the sacred river Ganga lahari


In Óðsmál research project, I refer to Kesheva Deva Shastry and Christian Andreas Holmboe for Old Norse and Sanskrit.

See also Huginn and Muninn Odin’s ravens


Listen to pronunciation: Óðinn, Síðhöttur, Gangleri

2 thoughts on “Sanskrit and Old Norse Icelandic

  1. Sms 16. December, 2016 / 11:41

    So odin is with greek delta like sound.

    Liked by 1 person

    • yea – right (sorry for late reply) our ancient letter ð Ð atl+0240 alt+0208 sometimes transliterated into latin letter english pronunciation as dh

      and accent is always on the 1st syllable in Icelanic – however the olden guys our forefathers had it (!)

      how to type old rune þurs, þorn þ Þ as in Þór alt+0254 alt+0222

      thanks for feedback ! hope thou enjoyest Óðsmál


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