Jötnar Thursar Tröll – No giants

jötnar tröll þursar  cannot all be translated into English as giants, as their functions are different; giant only says: some big creature – and that is drastically inadequate.

We shall have to understand names and terms  –  every word and term can have multiple meanings, to give a clue on the functions of the phenomenon.

jötnar (plural) jötunn (singular; prounce: ieurd-eun) are the sweeping-up department


tröll  are our ignorance of which we must rid ourselves

trolls are ignorance
trolls are ignorance
our unseen ignorance
our unseen ignorance

 þursar old, now useless, lower states of consciousness, referring to our path and goal of life: evolving to perfection

þursameyjar Gerður Skaði Gunnlöð thus mean taking over from the old states on our way to enlightenment, Valhöll.

Þursameyjar take over from their fathers, þursar, as they now are passed evolutionary states, as now more evolved states have taken over for us.

þursameyjar iii
þursameyjar iii

These 3 þursameyjar whom I have in mind are daughters of  Gymir Þjazi SuttungurGerður Gymisdóttir, Skaði Þjazadóttir, Gunnlöð Suttungsdóttir.

We should know that we, all of us, are on our evolutionary path towards enlightenment, Valhöll.

We are no-where taught about the purpose, the path, and the goal of human life-spans.
This counts for a drastic flaw in education.

Óðsmál is going to amend this lapsus for the good of the whole of mankind.

Edda poem Þrymskviða, how to perform a ritual:

In English 13 min 46 sec:

In Icelandic 10 min 16 sec:


Listen to pronunciation: jötunn (singular), tröll jötnar þursar,
þursameyjar Gerður Gymisdóttir Skaði Þjazadóttir Gunnlöð Suttungsdóttir

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