Freyja Space-Time Foam Bubble, and Her Brísingamen

The amazing physics from our forefathers:
Freyja is our universe
we live in her
All universes are in ginnungagap, which is our consciousness when we put our awareness on it
Freyja is in us
Ergo:  We live in Freyja, She is inside us
Our forefathers´ knowledge, interpreted by Óðsmál, is delightfully easily understood.
When we hear it for the first time, it feels as if we have always known it.
That is because we know, here deep inside.

Freyja and her Brisingamen
Freyja and her Brisingamen

Freyja and Brisingamen
Brísingamen is the brightest jewel on earth. mankind.
Goddess Freyja, the space time foam bubble of a universe, guards her most precious jewel, mankind, us.
Her body is all Gungnir, vibrations, Zitterbewegung.
As we know, the 5 sounding vibrating elements are of our sounding Ymir  — the sounding.
We should understand names. They tell at least half the story.

Freyja space-time foam bubble
Freyja space-time foam bubble
Freyja space-time foam bubble
Freyja space-time foam bubble

We are the divinely attributed beings who are taken care of in the universe by heavenly powers, our innermost Being.

Please remember that the whole game of being born is for our spiritual evolution, where the winning-goal is enlightenment, living Valhöll,
only by living in a body can we play this game.
I wish we could be responsible enough to deserve our status and our responsibility.

Some attributes from ancient Goddess Ishtar may have been given to Freyja, as Venus the morning-star combines them: goddess of fertility, love, war, and sex. Under churchianity this ancient goddess Ishtar was converted to lust, and she was demonized.
–  In Iceland, after Churchianization, “grey þykir mér Freyja“ was considered funny, not any blasphemy.  (I see Freyja as a bitch.) But it hurt the Heathens.

Some points should be corrected:
That “Freyja owns half of the dead-in-battle” is skewed due to utter lack of understanding, due to bad imprinting, and flawed education.  “Val” is not those dead on a battlefield, but means: returning home – fully alive.
Freyja is for us living in a universe.
And Valhöll, is for the living enlightened.
We live in Freyja 100%, and we go fully alive to Valhöll 100% when enlightened.
That can be seen as half and half, or better: 200% life in Miðgarður.

Freyja symbol - Óðsmál
Freyja symbol – Óðsmál

Freyja is the space-time foam  – and so is Afrodita. Their names tell, when we understand meaning of names.

space-time foam wormholes for Óðinn
space-time foam wormholes for Óðinn

Wormholes for Óðinn (/us) – to easily gain the mead of wisdom in Hnitbjörg of Gunnlöð.  We leave Freyja (our universe) for a while, and imbibe the precious mead  –  bring that into life in Miðgarður.

Gunnlöð in Hnitbjörg
Gunnlöð in Hnitbjörg

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