23 Urður Verðandi Skuld

chatter 23   Urður Verðandi Skuld    sattva rajas tamah the 3 qualities of Nature  þursamegir III  —  symbolic language of myths and kvæði, allegory in god-spells

i am telling thee one thing:   we are ginnungagap

we are the great void, the womb of the universe, the Fullness, Truth, Eternity, Reality, Divinity.

Óðinn given to Óðinn, my self given to my Self  (Hávamál vísa 138 and on) —  gnoþi seauton (know thyself)


the pink parcel and the blue parcel and the letters, and the 3-in-one there (top left) are Urður Verðandi and Skuld

my karma is what i posted in the first place  –  to myself

we see Óðinn Vili Véi, spurring creation, Fenrir (Fenrisúlfur) the accumulated evil in the world of men out of bonds

we see the 3-guna, the 3 qualities of nature (white red dark green), our þursamegir III who rule the world

and aloof from all this am i, the real i in some nice body that i made for the purpose of living a life on earth  –  knowing, or not knowing, why, and for what purpose and goal

gahana karmano gatih, tells us: the ways of actions are unfathomable

seriously note:   gods do not meddle up with actions

they control the laws of nature, the flawless and precise

we have control over action alone, never over its fruit
so live not for the fruit of action —   have an aim and purpose, but take care of action alone


far eigi svo óðla (not so fast!) says tamas (the green one)
have the old things as a basis for progress  —  do not rush into progress without stability and equanimity

it is always best that the 3 qualities of nature are in equilibrium

sattva truth, rajas agile action in service of the other two, tamah the slow drag on progress


every our action, thought, word, spreads from us, bounces onto everything, and returns to us, the doer
this is the natural law of action and reaction


we cannot defy this law; it is all-powerful, as are all the other laws of nature as a whole   —  the laws of nature who run the entire universe with perfect orderliness




some vacuum can take place in the powerful rulers of the world, the 3-guna (3 qualities) of nature, so that the equilibrium gets out of balance

raja (red dog) is serving either sattva of tamah, so if tama dominates everything comes almost to stagnation
if sattva dominates, we seek purity and good evolutionary progress

and rajas should not get out of bonds  –  over-active and out of control


as did our forefathers, we heathen men portray the law of action and reaction as urður (doings) verðandi (the process of bouncing and returning) and skuld (debt and duty)

note: fjölskylda is family, skylda duty, and we choose a place, time, family, parents, according to our örlög
örlög are our own making, and we are all-responsible for our lives

these parcels can have been posted by us in former life-spans to ourselves, or in this present one; we remember not all


sattva rajas tamah


mother nature, the almighty, is a veil, hula (cover)

we see her with our eyes, i.e. perceive her with our senses, which are made exclusively for this only purpose of perceiving the worldly vibrations, gungnir  —  i.e. beautiful nature

Heimdallur is hearing, is the 3/4 part of the created world, a most refined element,
Hræsvelgur is feeling, the wind, and the touch,
light correlates to our sight, and so does form of things,
water to taste,
and smell to earth, soil, the most solid of elements

mother nature cares for all our needs,
but we have to know where from all her gifts are derived

they come from the field of life that we do not see / not perceive with our 5 senses
we must give her back for her gifts by transcending into the abyss of origin

if we take and take without doing this, we are mere thieves


remember?:   animals act according to their nature
so does man
so we have to imbibe the divine essence into our every cell, into our very nature, gain fimbulrúnir and 9 good galdrar (countless charms, spells, magic);

the field underlying all the mystics is Reality

we are learning about the mystics of Reality here


the wisdom has been conveyed orally, by overlevering, Überlieferung, —  hefur varðveittst í munnlegri geymd — during the ages, by countless generations
not everybody might have understood, but it never got lost



and now modern science is telling us that in the Veda of Bhaaratavarsa the pure wisdom is to be found

it has been there for thousands of years —  only understood by some men, and always conveyed by them to the next generation of refined men

my great teacher Maharishiji suggested to me that i should look into our forni siður, and here the pure wisdom is, in our olden myths told in symbolic language

men on coarse states of consciousness never understand the profundity, but when we become pure we do


i am ginnungagap, i perform actions in life, and all actions are spontaneously right and evolutionary if we perform a valkyrja, transcend the world of 3-guna, purify ourselves, become refined

we must never violate the laws of nature —  the less day after day, year after year  —  because in the end nature’s tolerance can take not more and she bursts;

mere talk about right and wrong is just talk and worldly thoughts

right action comes naturally to the enlightened einherji

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