Freyr Skírnir Gerður

Freyr Skírnir Gerður should be understood.

Lord Freyr, our beloved god, Vanaguð, sends his divine ray, Skírnir, to Gerður (us, mankind) to remind us of our spiritual evolution and our drastic stagnation, here termed as hrímþursar. We, unfortunately, do not encounter our stagnation due to our stagnation.

Lord Freyr
Lord Freyr

Gymisgarðar, in which we are fenced in the beginning of poem Skírnismál, are our place of living material life only, probably the Paradisos of the animals and men who know not the difference between right and wrong, ergo not bearing the name “man”.

Skírnismál – How to Perform and Understand the Ritual 25 min 00 sec – English

Skírnismál – helgileikar – Uppsetning og skilningur 21 min 08 sec – Icelandic

Belonging to Freyr is prosperity, peace, bounty, material wellbeing, Álfheimar, Gullinbursti the hog, Byggvir and Beyla his servants caring for our abundance of healthy and honestly earned-for food.
In Skírnismál,   horse and spear of Freyr are symbolic for power.

Skírnismál book / script
Skírnismál book / script on amazon

Book available on Amazon:
Skírnismál: handrit handa börnum – script for bairns – helgileikar – ritual  (Note: In Icelandic and English in one and the same book)


Listen to pronunciation: Freyr Skírnir Gerður, Skírnismál

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