Skaði – Njörður – Baldur

Njörður - man - Skaði
Njörður – man – Skaði

Njörður – man – Skaði
how we are torn between our life in our physical body, which originates in the ocean,
our quest to seek the highest.

We see it this way  –  if we like symbolic language and allegory in this impossible myth.

Well, not quite impossible, as there is a compromise.  We do both.

Only by living in a body can we evolve spiritually.
In Hel nothing is happening,
So do not blame the body for us not reaching the highest.

Just purify Sleipnir, the precious human nervous system.
Physiology becomes ever purer when we transcend into Ásgarður perpetually.

Skaði öndurdís seeks Baldur
Skaði öndurdís seeks Baldur

Skaði seeks the highest, Baldur sun-god.
Skaði hates the laughter of sea-gulls,
and Njöður is not found of life on mountain-tops.


A love-triangle.

©Björn Jónsson, in book Stjarnvísi í Eddum
©Björn Jónsson, in book Stjarnvísi í Eddum

Skaði choosing  –  wants Baldur, but hits upon Njörður.
The difficult relationship in which Skaði is stuck, is, for sure, of our concern. We live in this difficult situation:

We are born in a body here in Miðgarður in order to evolve, and we should be using our life-spans for this goal of life:
to evolve to the highest: Find sun-god Baldur within.

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