Valhallar Óðsmál in gullnu – Icelandic edition

The Golden Óðsmál of Valhöll – which is “returning home” to Valhöll, where we belong: enlightened.

Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir, author of Óðsmál-Why would I study Óðsmál?
-New insight is given in Óðsmál

Valhöll - Valhalla - means returning home fully alive
Valhöll – Valhalla – means returning home fully alive

Golden Óðsmál?

-This Óðsmál-book is for the pure and highly evolved men. They will understand. All of us will, when we become pure enough to see Truth.

Valhöll means: returning home. That we do fully alive in one of our life-spans. Preferably this present one.




Valhallar Óðsmál in gullnu as an eBook on (Icelandic) FREE!


More knowledge pdf in Icelandic Regin-yoga til að nýsa niður


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Valhallar Óðsmál in gullnu   (in Icelandic)
the golden Óðsmál of Valhöll
A book for pure men, for highly evolved men spiritually, for those who understand the profundity and those who really want to understand.
All concepts are explained on a high level. Science, understanding, profound knowledge from our forefathers here rediscovered. Here we gain priceless understanding and insight.

We are Aatma-Brahm, ginnungagap, consciousness, pure consciousness, pure Intelligence.
Only Brahman is.

Space and time belongs to the created universes. They only mirror the perfection, the “pattern”.
Only Brahman is.
Our mind is amazing! It can go everywhere, regardless of time and space, contact our brain, and even contact pure consciousness. How?

Mind seeks happiness, seeks bliss, which is not found in sphere of 3-guna —  the little worldly tricky happinesses only —  as Nature is but fleeting quarks and flickering intangible super-strings.

We simply transcend the 3-guna, so naturally, as mind by its very nature is drawn to the attributeless pure bliss within – which it is.  Maharishiji taught the world TM (transcendental meditation; see – the easy natural easily-learned simple technique, effortless and automatic; human mind leaves Nature, expands to infinity, and imbibes pure Intelligence.

By EEG, GC-scientists measure brainwaves during transcending (practicing TM). And study the benefits, karmasu kaushalam, fimbulrúnir, the skill in action, behaviour, health (700 studies).


Valhallar Óðsmál in gullnu as an eBook on (Icelandic) FREE!

Valhallar Óðsmál in gullnu (book cover) Valhallar Óðsmál in gullnu (book cover)Book in Icelandic available on Amazon:
Valhallar Óðsmál in gullnu: For spiritually highly evolved people of any age; for the seeker of Truth; goal of our life: enlightenment, Valhöll. (Icelandic Edition)

The book is available here as Kindle (Icelandic)

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