Icelandic yule cat

Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir, author of Óðsmál-Why would I study Óðsmál?
-The true view — of which you never heard before

our Icelandic yule cat-The concept of time and jólakötturinn who eats?
-For fun, how time is connected to many of our customs, now not recognized as time consuming all worldly creations  –  and renewal after the recycling.


Even connect our Jesus-baby story (fabula) with winter-solstice-time;
That story (fabula) was imposed upon yule-tide (this time of the year, “birth” in time) by the Roman Empire around the year (AD) 300.


See the pdf Loki and the yule cat.
To open pdf you need Adobe Reader.  Get Adobe reader

see also book 12 yule þorri gói

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