Óðsmál 2012 – ævi hver til uppljómunar (in Icelandic)

Book in Icelandic on the purpose of our life-spans:
to gain enlightenment, i.e. live Valhöll.


epli Iðunnar

-All about the purpose of each life-span?

-Yes. Really something we should know.
Either learn Icelandic, or have this book translated, so that you can imbibe and enjoy all these vital topics of knowledge.



Pitch for Óðsmál 2012 – ævi hver til uppljómunar  1 min 49 sec:


Óðsmál 2012 – ævi hver til uppljómunar  (in Icelandic)
Óðsmál 2012 – each life-span for enlightenment

vitundarvísindi forfeðra okkar enduruppgötvuð
our forefathers’ science of consciousness rediscovered
rabb litlu kjaftforu völvu
little talkative völva chatting  –  and she is really amusing and really saying things without hesitation or worrying about any consequences. She claims ignorance to be man’s biggest sin. You will enjoy listening to her!
She even exposes to us how to make a theocracy, for power and money, how to start and how to keep it going. This has actually been done several times. Needs simple but effective strategy, massive imprinting, and a fierce follow up. Many a man is brainwashed and blinded by such theocracies – yes still now-a-days.
Here we have, among other things we do not know, the ancient names of our week-days in Greek. Polytheistic Hellenic (/i.e. Greek) association, Þyrsos, knows them, uses them, and they told me. The orþodox suffocated the names, and that is what happened in Iceland too: the newly threat-imposed theocracy wiped out everything that could refer to our ancient gods and goddesses.


Óðsmál - Ævi hver til uppljómunar (book cover)Book in Icelandic available on Amazon:
Óðsmál 2012: Ævi hver til uppljómunar (Icelandic Edition)

The book is available here as Kindle (Icelandic)


More knowledge pdf in Icelandic Hvernig geri ég mig sem einstakling þegar ég er ginnungagap, og til hvers?

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