Learn to Nýsa Niður (Transcend)

Nýsta ek niðurHávamál vísa 138 and on. Nýsta is the past tense of the verb nýsa, to nose, spy, peep by curiosity. Ek is I, niður is down.

 Nýsa niður means to transcend the world of thought, live the origin of thought, pure consciousness, without acts and attributes.

This is the profound sphere of man’s life of which we do not know – due to shallow education.

Óðsmál gives this knowledge.

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Hundreds of scientific studies prove the benefits thereof.

-Why would nýsa niður be spoken of in past tense in Hávamál?

-In the transcendence there is no thought, so we cannot say: now I am in the transcendence.

— Or at least we cannot until we are enlightened, totally and permanently living as einherji in Valhöll (enlightened).

enlightened we see
enlightened we see

Then, and first then, we shall see that the world is aloof from us ourselves, the real and only Self of all beings.

-How do we perform this act of going beyond our dear thoughts? Is mind not too vivid and volatile to be told to stop thinking for a while? Uncontrollable?

Óðinn transcends
Óðinn transcends

-We do not control the mind. Don’t try that. We lure mind with a meaningless sound in to “hanging on vingameiður”. We give mind a chance to find what it is always seeking: that is bliss.
This everlasting bliss is only found within. Not “out there” in the stuff that our senses find to please mind.
Transcending is effortless. Natural to mind once we give it a chance.
Some try to suppress mind and tell it not to think, but that won’t last long, can even cause severe fatigue. And when released there is a sign of relief, not a sign of any transcendence.

But when we know what mind likes most of all,  we learn a technique to simply give mind the chance to find what it always is seeking.

-And what would that be?

-It is happiness, pure bliss. Mind is always looking, all over, for happiness.

tyra-1 tyra-2-vikk tyra-3-bylgja

Mind easily becomes a tiny flame pending in nothingness, and automatically expands, to become the huge wave of Iðavellir (consciousness in motion), become Glaðheimar (the widest and gladdest boundless eternity).

Nothing is more natural to mind – once we learn how to lure mind to take a 180° U-turn from relative thinking into its own nature: pure bliss.

Human mind is a marvellous phenomenon. Can communicate with our brain, and contact Being, the un-manifest, pure knowledge. This contact with Being is pure bliss.

The senses are working full time – according to working hours’ agreement, though – to bring happiness to the insatiable mind.
The more they bring, the more it craves. This often drives man crazy.

Gungnir weapon of Odin is vibrations
Gungnir weapon of Odin is vibrations

Of course the senses only look for little happinesses in the created world, the world of Gungnir, vibrations, these flickering, tricky, unstable, fleeting things in the created universe. They search in the duality of joy and sorrow.

But any man who can think can learn to nýsa niður, transcend.
Any man who has a human nervous system can transcend the realm of thought.
Every child who can fall asleep and wake up and dream, has the inherent ability to transcend, nýsa niður.
Dreams are but mind’s unrealistic pondering over fatigue in the body, as tiredness is release from muscles and tissues.

Our inherent ability to transcend does not get lost, but not using it can count for the sin of an un-used and wasted life-span of man.

And, not using this human attribute even brings the danger of losing it.

That is severe.

This our unique ability implies the naturalness and ease by which the technique of transcendental meditation works.

waking        sleep         REM        the 4th
4th state of consciousness is transcendence

4th state of consciousness is transcendence

On the other hand, all effort, all deliberate intentions, will not get us anywhere, as that only keeps the mind in the state of thinking. Intention is all-worldly, and so is exertion, trying, wanting, seeking, striving for. All this is projected outwards, into the realm of thought and feelings. All that stuff works against minds natural tendency to find the supreme bliss within.

It is within that we are going to find what we seek.
Out there we have nothing tangible. That has been tried out.

Deep inside we know. We only have to give mind the chance to expand to infinity. That turns out to be the easiest act of all acts.

Body is no boundaries. It is all porous, Gungnir (vibrations) only.
Mind expands to infinity. There are no implications, no obstacles what so ever.

All we have to do is to softly think a certain well-chosen and appropriate sound, meaningless, which appeals to the attention of the mind. That is all. In this lies the chance for the automatic procedure. The rest takes care of itself.

We should learn what not to do, and how to cope with up-coming thoughts.
Know why thoughts keep coming when we have been told that mind is going to the realm of no thoughts. Note that expecting is another thought, which, obviously, works against the very purpose and method.

When we use the technique correctly, as delicate as it is, we transcend immediately, from the first minute. Everyone does. We are coming home.

Ægir is our real home, Ásgarður is our real home, Hnitbjörg is our own cave. We are only returning home for some motherly nourishment.


Sleipnir - our human nervous system
Sleipnir – our human nervous system

Sleipnir, our human nervous system, is a worldly vehicle. We have not trained him properly yet. The only way to do that is to transcend twice-daily all our life. Sleipnir becomes sleeker and sleeker each time. Sleipnir means the slippery, the gliding one.

We are transcending to  the sphere of man’s life we do not know of – due to shallow education.
Óðsmál is giving this knowledge.

When we transcend, or in the process of transcending, some accumulated stress in the nervous system gets released. This is the very purpose of the whole thing: release stress and purify the nervous system and every cell in the body.

stress gets released
stress gets released

When stress gets released, Sleipnir gets provoked or activated thereby. Sleipnir is only our handy pony. He reacts to the stimulus of impurities being released. That again disturbs mind, so it takes to thinking, which, rationally, is its job and duty, the only speciality it is versed in.
But these particular thoughts are not rational, not in context of the stress being released, not of any worth, and we term them as trash. We take no notice of them. Completely disregard them. Again, mind gets attracted to our good and meaningless sound, to transcend again, in order to release more bad impurities.

When we stay at Ægis, in Ásgarður, with Gunnlöð in Hnitbjörg, we have no track of time or space. We do not register our stay there. It is attributless.

-So, how can we know?
-see www.tm.org

Science can measure the benefits, and the state of the brain during transcendence and after.
This our forefathers used to call fimbulrúnir. The best thing to possess in life.

human brain
marvelous human brain
regnbogi Bifröst

Bifröst, pronounce: ´Biff-roest (not buy ´Frost, please!)
We lay the bridge Bifröst, layer by layer, by going into Ásgarður daily.
By nýsa niður (transcend thought) we take a trip to Ásgarður within, naturally and effortlessly,
and this is how we lay Bifröst, layer by layer.
Why would we lay Bifröst? Where does Bifröst lead?
Bifröst is for us, in time, to live Valhöll, man‘s enlightenment, the goal of human life-spans.
Bifröst is made of man´s purity.

Ásatrúar-men often claim to be peaceful, earnest, and responsible.
So far so good.
Few know that these human qualities come, all by themselves, to all men, when we practice nýsa niður (transcend the sphere of thought). www.tm.org

For nýsa niður see Hávamál visa 138 and on.

Nýsa niður in Hávamál, vísa 138 and on 7 min 09 sec 

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