KLUKK leikir barna 1900-2000

Collection of kids’ games from last century;
treasure of forgotten children´s games since the BC (before computer-games) good old times.


-Did Guðrún collect children’s games and plays which are in the danger of getting lost because of computer-games and overwhelming sports?

-Yes. She is old enough to remember times gone, and how kids used to play in her childhood. And she has collected some games from an even older generation, the 1800-1900 one. So this will be a treasure for our kids to enjoy.


KLUKK collection of games 1900-2000

Rakni og Þögn – KLUKK

Guðrún has a collection of children’s amusements, from year 1900-2000, when there we no TVs, no computer games, and sports had not overtaken all spare time.

Then, kids really enjoyed themselves by playing all kinds of games, outside and inside. Many of them are forgotten, some are being revived now-a-days.

In this book all the names of diverse games are listed in a story about Rakni and Þögn, two kids who, surprisingly, get caught up in some real adventures, which we had not expected to possibly be true, only sheer fiction. All kinds of folklore characters are here for real, when grandpa’s closet really is a flying wardrobe and takes them to the realm of imaginary worlds.


Rakni og Þögn – KLUKK on ISSUU (in Icelandic)


KLUKK leikir barna (book cover)

Rakni og Þögn ævintyri, book available in Icelandic on Amazon:
Rakni og Þögn ævintyri, KLUKK leikir barna 1900-2000 (efnisyfirlit): Fresh new view (corrections) on ethnic (Icelandic Edition)

The book is available here as Kindle (Icelandic)

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