Óðsmál – Norse Edda Spiritual Highlights


Understand the main concepts in Heathenry:
in Hávamál the act of transcending: nýsa niður,
to expand to the sphere beyond thought, time, and space, Glaðheimar.

Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir, author of Óðsmál-Why would I study Óðsmál?
-Óðsmál brings to us profound understanding.

Óðinn transcends
Óðinn transcends

Nýsa niður in Hávamál (–see vísa 138 and on–)  is to transcend the sphere of thought.
That can easily be learned nowadays,  as we have the TM-technique — suitable for everyone —
–  thanks to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

There have, through the ages, always been men who understood the last vísur (verses) of Hávamál, but explaining in mere words about it was difficult as the technique to transcend was missing.



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Óðsmál – Norse Edda Spiritual Highlights (English) on issuu.com


1 min 22 sec pitch for Norse Edda Spiritual Highlights:


The complete book (English)
Óðsmál – Norse Edda Spiritual Highlights on Youtube
read by Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir: Video 29 min 00 sec


More knowledge pdf Regin-yoga the easy technique to nýsa niður


Text in the 1 min pitch for Norse Edda Spiritual Highlights (above):

Please tell our bairns why they have chosen to be born. Of course, grown-ups have to learn that first, so as to be able to educate the young generation in a proper way. This is nothing new. Our forefathers had this knowledge, and it has been here all the time. We have even read it, heard it, but nobody was here to tell us what our heritage really contains. During the dark ages it was ridiculed and misinterpreted as naïve stupidity. We shall understand each and every concept now, from the Big Bang, to ragnarök, before it and after. Above all: what we are doing here during the lifetime of our universe. Why is a universe such a vital place for us to live in? What is it all for? What is the purpose, the goal, and how do we reach it?

-Are the answers really in our ancient myths and poems?
-Yes, they are.


FREE e-book
Óðsmál – Norse Edda Spiritual Highlights (English) on issuu.com


Norse Edda Spiritual HighlightsBook available on Amazon in English:
Óðsmál – Norse Edda Spiritual Highlights

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