The Inspiration and Goal of this Unique Icelandic Research

If we are going to look for something,
it is good to know what we are looking for.

Gudrun Kristin Magnusdottir Author of Odsmal

My teachers, when I was a teenager, were the wonderful Helgi Þorláksson and Grímur Helgason, who gave us, above all, the love for
* our language (Icelandic),
* our old literature (Icelandic Sagas), and
* our cultural heritage (Eddas and forni siður (ancient tradition)
Note: Edda poems and myths are  _not_ classified as literature. Entirely another genre of manuscripts.

This love –and profound reverence– turned out to be more precious for young students than any dry knowledge we could gather.

Their teaching was education of profound feeling.
Our heritage became an inborn part of us.

We have the Icelandic Sagas, a later time literature (–written under Churchianity but had “take place” in Heathenry), and we have our spiritual heritage, Edda poems and myths, not classified as literature.

Árnastofnun fornrit
©Árnastofnun – fornrit

Actually, Icelanders are always doing research on our heritage. Some of it is brilliant, some might be just repeating and reinforcing cunning old lies and disdain.

Many foreigners learn Icelandic solely to be able to dive into our ancient treasures. Understanding the meaning of names and epithets is essential to understand the message of the story. See:

Ymir the sounding
Ymir the sounding

Ymir the sounding becomes the 5 vibrations called elements (space air fire water earth). Contracted to 3, these 5 become in Valhöll Andhrímnir Eldhrímnir Sæhrímnir. Symbolic language for the all-worldly elements. The old Scholars, ignorantly, mocked this as “the kitchen in Valhöll”  hehe hoho heehee haha !  – Now we pity these old scholars for their lack of understanding – or – was it their Christian duty to put disdain on vor forni siður (our ancient tradition, Heathenry)?

Some myths and poems might (–unfortunately–) have been taken literally by scholars, as “belief in the letter”.  We see now that literalism was the only thing imprinted by the Church, so how could we know that there is something called allegory in myths, some symbolic language, a hidden profound meaning, the unseen profundity, spirituality, þeosofi, science of life?

We did not look for any þeosofy as we not even understood that term!!

We would not have known what to look for! We saw not the profundity of our forefathers’ knowledge.

But look:  The first churchian commandment imprinted into us:  There are other gods than this only true one of the church. Them thou shalt not have. So we knew all the time that there are these “other gods”. The banned ones. We knew not why they were banned.

We knew not that “church” was another name of The Roman Empire and its world conquest. The Roman strategy blinded us, got us, deceived us. How could we possibly cope with the gov-supported Roman Empire in disguise of a church? How could we know that its quest was/is world dominance – not for us but for them?

King of Denmark handing over a constitution to Icelanders
King of Denmark handing over a constitution to Icelanders

For fun:  A German Bishop of the middle ages (money-wise) wrote the constitution for the Danes long long ago, and we Icelanders later got our constitution from the Danish king: The Evangelic Lutheran Church shall be upheld and financially supported by the government, its priests are gov-paid officials, and the Evangelic Lutheran Church shall have all official privileges that shall not be granted to other sects and religions. (–Not even does an independent Lutheran church, Fríkirkjan, get any of this legal support–).

But now listen:
In the years 1945-´47, articles from The Theosophical Society in Iceland were published in a daily paper. They were all about the pure spirituality contained in our heritage, forni siður (ancient tradition), Heathenry.
On reading this back then, some Christian Icelanders were disgusted!: What blasphemy! To think there is something divine in this old, devilish stuff!

(–Note that we might not even have understood the term “þeosofi”!!
—þeoi (gods) comes from the ancient Greek panþeon of gods and goddesses –
powers in our lives, not frozen bronze statues at all.–)

The church invented a disdain-term:  “new age stuff” for þeosofi in Heathenry.

Unfortunately, many Heathens lap that up in their misunderstanding – so (–without realizing–) to please the church, uphold the Roman Empire’s strategy to destroy Heathenry. They so (–ignorantly–) put disdain on their Heathen fellow-men who understand þeosofi.

threat-imposed churchianity in Iceland
threat-imposed churchianity in Iceland ©Alain

As late as Anno Domini 999 the Roman Empire (/ aka church) got us Icelanders by a cunning slyness:  Sons of prominent Heathen men in Iceland were held as hostages: Either you accept Churchianty, or ……

But, luckily, Þorgeir Ljósvetningagoði could make a deal: We can go on with our blót, if we keep it in secrecy.  –  Ergo: blót has always been legal in Iceland in spite of dominance of the church.

The church, desperately, tried to suffocate vor forni siður (our ancient tradition). They termed it as old primitive stuff  —  forn means ancient, or old — and they termed their new stuff as nýi siður (new tradition).

Well, a tradition cannot be new  –  their stuff was just  some “new new-age stuff” in that age –

A tradition is always based on ancient knowledge and customs  –  at times, of course, a bit distorted and misinterpreted — as happens during dark ages of ignorance.

The churchians termed their new stuff as evolved religion, and – to put disdain on our forni siður –  they termed the ancient knowledge as primitive stuff of stupid men.

Note that here, all of a sudden, our old was bad, their new good,
whereas now their term new-age is bad and their own old-stuff good.
Does Roman strategy always get us?!

These theosophical articles  – 1945-1947 – opened my eyes to the fact that we might not have heard the whole Truth about these other gods. Perhaps we only learned deliberate lies about them, meant to brain-wash us.

Gudrun Kristin Magnusdottir as a young girl

I contemplated:
The first commandment clearly states that there are “other gods”, other than the only true one named God. These other gods are the ones we should not have.
What, actually, is a god? Does that “he” exist? Where? “Out there, up there” somewhere?  Is he listening and looking?  He must be very busy.

Who, then, are the 1st commandment’s “other gods”. Where would they be?

–  go the narrow road  –
a road-sign is called “a priest” in Icelandic – points the way but never goes there itself
(typical Icelandic irony)

Where was the priest telling us to go – and to find what?

At this time, we knew not what unfathomable profundity was to be found in our myths and poems of the Eddas and forni siður (ancient tradition of the North). That hidden truth which the Theosophical Society pointed out to us.

Of course we knew not, as the Church never has taught any profundity of life, really.

The Church (– “church” is another name for The Roman Empire–)  only taught us after-death fears, threats, punishment, boons, obedience to their rules, blind belief – wrapped up in flowery words and eloquence. To begin with, mass was held in Latin, so no Icelandic man understood what they sang.
We thought that this was all there is to life: Obey their god named God in order to go up, not down. We even believed that a soul could suffer!! The church invented “one life-span only” to get a better grip on the credulous mob.

Djöfsi - devil

Soul never suffers. In our heritage we find:  Önd mun lifa og aldreigi týnast (a soul lives and never perishes). Líf og Lífþrasir will live forever – they are life eternal, reborn again and again.

Þeosofy what?

How could we hit upon looking for something that we knew not to exist. Understood not.
Superficial knowledge was the only thing imprinted by the church.

The Theosophical Society was ridiculed by the church, by the priests, and other Christians. The government paid for whatever the priests said – and still does – with taxpayers’ money.

But now we know.

Gudrun Kristin Magnusdottir author of Odsmal

Not only is there to be found, in our forefathers‘ Heathenry
* profound knowledge about purpose and goal of the many human life-spans,
* the purest spiritualty,
* but also lots and lots of physics! – as modern physics reveals.

We did not realize that.

In ancient myths and sacred poems all is conveyed in symbolic language and allegory. Due to our imprinted narrow-mindedness we underestimated this ancient treasure.

We knew not what to look for there, as we did not understand the term “spirituality”.

The inspiration and goal of this unique Icelandic research, Óðsmál, came from still another teacher of mine, the physicist Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

He tells all men to look to their own traditions and religions. Not ever to lap up any imported stuff. Each tradition and religions has evolved among a particular people according to the Laws of Nature in their own homeland.

I first met Maharishi in year 1963. He is an enlightened man, and teaches us about consciousness, about That, which we are in core and essence. I.e. Iðavellir (the ever-moving Field, basis of all there is – physic teaches us).

What he wants us to do, is to find the pure spirituality and þeosofi in our own culture.

He does not want us to lap up –the surface of– traditions and religions form others. Each nation should find its own spiritual treasure, as Nature structures life in specific channels of intelligence in each specific environment.

When he asks us to look for the profundity in our own traditions and religions, he says that each siður (tradition) or religion that has evolved among people in their own place, according to the Laws of Nature in their own place, is the right one for them.  Not anything imported or assimilated, or adapted.


If we are going to look for something,
it is good to know what we are looking for.

In order to find spirituality in our cultural heritage, we must know what this term means.
And that I learned from Maharishi:
We are pure consciousness. The oneness is ginnungagap – ever-moving within itself, Iðavellir (“the ever moving field”).
All knowledge is in consciousness, within. (There is nothing whatsoever “out there”.) We learn to nýsa niður (transcend) to access it within.

Learning from books is not all there is to learning. Profound knowledge is to be found in our own very consciousness – within –.  Such real knowledge yields fimbulrúnir in life.

We should transcend – in our forefathers’ term “nýsa niður” — i.e. live our own pure consciousness, here to imbibe the perfect knowledge  – in our forefathers’ term: fimbulrúnir.

Inside – and only inside – the profound wisdom and knowledge is to be found. There is nothing “out there” nor “up there”.

Here, within, abides all knowledge.
Every subject we learn has its basis of knowledge in our own pure consciousness.  Every specific knowledge is an aspect of Total Knowledge.
There is nothing “outside” of us. Nothing “out there”, as all is consciousness.  This we know now, as modern physics teaches us.

Physics tells us: the deeper we go towards the Oneness of all, the more power there is. Nuclear power is peanuts compared to the power of ginnungagap.

We can learn an effortless technique to transcend our thought and transcend space-time. Effortless, natural, automatic – as it is the very nature of the mind to seek its own origin within.

The delicate technique to nýsa niður (transcend) has to be learned and used correctly. Is a delicate and powerful mental technique. –  Our forefathers term this by many concepts, which we now – first now – seem to truly understand.

These are indications of our forefathers’ understanding of the power of enlightenment:

See here

Of course the church is not happy and terms this as new age stuff.
Some Heathens seem to lap that up to put disdain on other Heathens.
But the church invented some Christian yoga – I know not if they term it as new age stuff?

To nýsa niður (–literally to “nose/spy down”–) brings us to the 4th state of consciousness,

Our forefathers knew this, but we understood not their symbolic language.
Why are we so much lesser in understanding life than they are/were?

4th state of consciousness is transcendence
waking sleep REM the 4th
4th state of consciousness is transcendence

beyond waking, sleeping, and REM-sleep.  There is no effort needed, as our mind, by its very nature, seeks the bliss – sæla of goddess Sun !   (Sæla means bliss, derived from the word sól (sun).)

We –individual consciousness– by this, live pure consciousness for a while, to imbibe the perfection and bring it into life. What our forefathers term as fimbulrúnir, the mighty invisible runes by which we empower our live in Miðgarður

In our terms:
* Nýsa niður (transcend)
* to Ásgarður (the flawless sphere of Total Natural Law)
* imbibe fimbulrúnir (the perfect skill in action)
* bring the perfection into Miðgarður, world of men.

We are consciousness, i.e. ginnungagap when we put our attention on it. Are conscious beings.

To begin with, when we start to nýsa niður (nose/spy/peep down), for the first time it is as if we plunge into a dark cave. – We can say: visit Gunnlöð in her Hnitbjörg (our cave inside).
The name Gunnlöð indicates hospitality. We are so so so welcome to imbibe the mead of wisdom here.

Gunnlöð in Hnitbjörg
Gunnlöð in Hnitbjörg

Then, as we frequent the inner Glaðheimar, our sight starts to become clearer, and we realize that there is something interesting here.


In this silence within, old stresses in the physiology start to get released, some deep-rooted stresses, that are not gotten rid of even during rest and sleep.  This stress-release irritates our nervous system, our Sleipnir, and in turn our brain starts to think – as this is the only our brain can do.

our marvellous human nervous system.
Sleipnir our human nervous system.

We “come out” into thoughts, which our Hávamál terms as falla aftur þaðan, fall from there again.  Nýsa niður – and fall from there again.
We simply take another dive.

In time, we will see life in Miðgarður in its purity. We have gotten rid of our tröll (ignorance). First now we “see”.

Tröll – our ignorance which we do not see, and which results in our not seeing.

í tröllum
í tröllum (our blinding ignorance)

Goddess Syn means to purify us

Goddess Syn
Goddess Syn – O my beloved not with all that filth on

Gudrun Kristin Magnusdottir author of Odsmal

Gudrun Kristin Magnusdottir on her motorbike