Óðsmál 1996 – The First Óðsmál Book

Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir, author of Óðsmál-Why would I study Óðsmál?
-New insight is given in Óðsmál

First Óðsmál book 1996 (cover)
First Óðsmál book 1996 (cover)

Óðsmál 1996  –  the first Óðsmál book – 432 pp,
in Icelandic and in English in one and the same book, 216 pp each language.

First publication of research on forni siður, carried on since 1990, by Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir.

This delightful book, containing break-through ideas conveyed in a myth-style way, is out of stock, but can be found in libraries, also by inter-library services. ISBN 9979-60-165-5


Guðrún is the author of over 200 books, among them several awarded ones.
She is also known as a theosophical writer.


Pitch for Óðsmál 1996 1 min 35 sec:

Book Óðsmál (published 1996): Only available in libraries

Óðsmál: Óður, the Norse god, who also is Freyja’s beloved one, has a discussion with little talkative völva.  The völva sits on crossroads one night.  They discuss mankind’s favourite topic: an earnest discussion on purpose of life.

Óðsmál 1996

216 pp + 216 pp, = 432pp, but an easy read. Simply delightful to sit one winter-night with god Óður, who always is somehow not to be grasped, and little talkative völva, who really reveals what is hidden inside.
216 pp in Icelandic, all right side pages, 216 pages in English, all left side pages, marvellously illustrated to enlighten the text in an amusing way.
18 chapters, meaningful poems, and delightful short stories.
The fundamental wisdom contained in forni siður put forth in a lively way, wrapped up in natural conversation, controversial questions, and profound answers.

Óðsmál 1996 is out of stock but available in libraries. ISBN 9979 60 165 5

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