Fenrir Týr Fenrisúlfur Drómi Læðingur Gleipnir

Fenrir, Fenrisúlfur, is fed and grows unnoticed, because of our heedlessness. The little innocent cub grows to become dangerous.


Note that we either say Fenrir or we say Fenrisúlfur (úlfur wolf), not Fenris in nominative case, as Fenris is the genitive case of Fenrir.

Drómi, our sleepiness, holds not the growth of evil. Neither does Læðingur our laziness.
I have the feeling that these names, Drómi and Læðingur come from Sanskrit  pramadaalasya and nidrabis – indicating really svefnþorni stunginn (stung by the thorn of sleep), as was Brynhildur valkyrja when she violated Natural Law.

-But, how on earth can we have the dwarfs make Gleipnir for us?

dwarfs make Gleipnir
dwarfs make Gleipnir

-We shall have to nýsa niður, transcend, to the subtlest sphere of Nature to find the recipe for restraint and fetters on evil doings, or rather annihilate them effortlessly. And that we do: voila ! Gleipnir.

4th state of consciousness is transcendence
waking         sleep         REM         the 4th
4th state of consciousness is transcendence
Óðinn transcends
Óðinn transcends

Gleipnir will hold till ragnarök.  Then the wolf will be released from fetters.

See also Big Bang and ragnarök

For Týr see Týr Mars Mangal Ares Tuesday


Listen to pronunciation:

Fenrir Fenrisúlfur, Drómi Læðingur Gleipnir, ragnarök, dvergur dvergar

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