Understand profundity of concepts

Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir, author of Óðsmál-Why would I study Óðsmál?
-Óðsmál brings to us profound understanding

In an easy and enjoyable way
learn to understand all concepts in Heathenry / Paganry / Ásatrú – our forni siður (ancient tradition) / Forn Siðr / Vanatrú / Vanatro
–  and understand the allegory in myths and sacred poems
– unravel the symbolic language of myths and reveal the hidden meaning.
Step by step, one concept at the time, to understand, in the end, the whole.
Then we realize that the whole is much bigger than our delightful meaningful parts.
And the whole happens to be we ourselves.

Pitch for “understanding all concepts”  1 min 05 sec:


All Óðsmál books on amazon.com HERE
All  Óðsmál videos on youtube.com/goiagodi


We offer Óðsmál as distant education.
Óðsmál is available online, so you can study at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.
On youtube we have topics to ponder on for each book in the Óðsmál for bairns / Krakka Óðsmál 40-book-series.  (topics are pdf format, as links in the text below each video).


Óðsmál playlists on youtube:

Óðsmál concepts – express overview (English – 48 videos)
Óðsmál for Bairns – Understand Norse Edda (English – 40 videos)
Krakka Óðsmál – Menningararfurinn (Icelandic – 40 videos)
Ritual performances taught by Óðsmál (English and Icelandic – 4 videos)
Óðsmál – Spiritual Edda (English and Icelandic –  9 videos)
Understand Heathenry (English – 18 videos)
Óðsmál Chatters – To Valhöll (Valhalla) Alive (English – 24 videos)

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