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Did you know ….
tröll is, in all ways, terribly negative a term. Has a negative
connotation in many languages. Could be, according to etymology, from
Sanskrit stem dru2, run, flow, even carrying the meaning of: run into as
attacking what is of a higher nature. We do not know if that meaning got
conveyed into our tröll or not.

More to ponder on….

  • what does it mean to go Eastwards to batter trolls?
  • are some things or attributes belonging to Þór which give the idea
    or connection to electricity?
  • is Þór a strong man holding a hammer? if no, then what is he?
  • can we find Þórs name in a week-day, in a planet,
    in the human brain? if yes, then which ones?
  • can personifications lead us astray?
    if yes then how and why?
    has this anything to do with illiteracy on allegory?
  • does everyone understand the real meaning of Þrymskviða?
    the ancient Icelandic/OldNorse word melðra†
    –if looked up in dictionary of etymology–
    is as mjöll mjöl mala, milled by turning the quern to grind
    becoming: to fling Mjöllnir to crush ignorance
    ignorance has no place; it should not be; tröll are our lack of seeing;
    Mjöllnir always returns when flung, as it circles
  • why would Freyja and Þrymur not possibly unite in a marriage?
  • does Þrymur realize what he asked for, or is he only in love?
  • could Loki be mankind?
    did he not realize what he asked for from Freyja?
    Loki fucks things up all the time, then tries to amend when all is going down
    the drain – can we see ourselves here?
  • is Sigyn our true friend
    even if we are stupid and immature creatures?
    always understand meaning of names
    Sig is most likely sigur, victory, -yn is said to be vin, friend
    Sanskrit loka means a world,
    see also Icelandic ljúka, loka, ljúka upp
    (finish, close, open up)
    and in that context connotation to zodiac
    Loki’s day is Icelandic Laugardagur, English Saturday
  • is Þór red-headed / is his hair red? (a stupid question)


The book The Profundity of Edda – Þór (1 of 40) in English on Youtube read by Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir 
2014 edition
17 min 34 sec


Bókin – Ný sýn á Eddu – Þór (1 of 40) á íslensku á Youtube eftir Guðrúnu Kristínu Magnúsdóttur
2014 útgáfa
13 min 57 sec


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